Happy New Year, Zhou Ying!

Zhou Ying with her fragile beauty, her grace, her kindness, her generosity tamed my little dragon and introduced me to a great civilization. We call her Joy, as a real joy she is.

Our beloved Joy, me and the little dragon wanted to wish the happiest of all years to you, your family and your wonderful grandmother! Allow me, my dearest girl, to introduce you, to our new friends and especially Katerina, who wrote this wonderful story on China (I know you hate Zhang Ziyi, but, see, all Greeks seem to love her and I know your greek is not so good but you can always enjoy the photos, right?).

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Blogger Citronella έφα...

Μy best and warm wishes for a Happy New Year of the Dog, Zhou Ying!:)

2/02/2006 09:01:00 π.μ.  
Blogger Katerina ante portas έφα...

Οh my, my, she's so pretty and fragile. Zhang Ziyi who?

-Welcome pretty Zhou Ying, a happy New Year to you and to your family!

2/02/2006 01:19:00 μ.μ.  
Anonymous JOY (Zhou Ying) έφα...

Dear Mirandolina!!!
Thank you so much for the new year wishes!!

I'm so happy about it...^_^
but until now i know to post a commend,, that's why i write here so late,i hope you wont mind :-)

Hi,dear Mirandolina, I dont hate zhang ziyi(章子怡)actually.At first i didnt like her because Chinese media decribed her as a woman who uses every means to become a famous star...You know,zhang ziyi--as a young, pretty, famous(in a short time is being jealous by so many people and that's why we can a lot of bad news from time to time.

Also, according to Zhang Ziyi, I think she's a beautiful,very lucy and very clever woman.I'm proud of her.

Just now,I talked with my brother about her. He likes her-a beautiful girl and he regards her success due to(1) lucky, with the most famous directors in China and world (2) hard-working.

Yeah,that's right!I totally agree that hard-working is a key facor.anyway, she is still a young lady and need to learn and improve, not only the actress skills, but personality beautify. I'm looking forward her greater success in the near future!!!!

Dear Mirandolina,May much joy to you and your family in the up coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings stay with you all the year through!

Miss you,,and your little dragon(he's really as great as you!I'm so proud of him!!)...


2/10/2006 05:32:00 μ.μ.  

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